Angular Training in Chennai (AngularJS) With Step by Step Learning Approach.

Courseinn's Angular training in Chennai was created by industry professionals with more than 12 years of experience. We will teach you how to create effective Angular applications by mastering Angular 14's concepts. We emphasize hands-on learning through internships and practical sessions. By the end of the Angular Course in Chennai, you'll be able to effectively use Angular 14 in front-end and back-end UI development.

Why Join Our Angular Course:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Angular Web App.
  • Perfectly-structured Angular Course with Real-life Exercises.
  • Online and Classroom Training with Flexible Timings.
  • Get Trained from 12+ Years Experience Angular Developers.
  • Industry Recognised Angular Training Certification.
500+ Students Trained
10+ Exp Expert Trainers
60+ Advanced Modules
10 + Capstone Projects
100% Internship Opportunity
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Overview of Advanced Angular Training in Chennai

Angular is widely used in front end web development, with many companies and organizations using it for building complex and scalable web applications. The demand for Angular front end developers has been consistently high in recent years. If you have strong skills in Angular and front end development, there are many opportunities available for you in the job market.

Courseinn's Angular training in Chennai is designed for beginners who want to become certified front end developers. The Angular training in chennai begins with standard and libraries of TypeScript and every concept of angular 14. Taking Angular training in Chennai, you'll build and deploy a real-world web app that you can showcase on your resume.


  • Learn from Real world Angular Front end Developers.
  • Flexible Angular Batches & Timings.
  • Real-World Preparation for Jobs and Interviews.
  • Interactive Classroom and Online Angular Classes.
  • Well Structured Course Modules with Real-life Examples.
  • 100% Internship and Placement Assistance.
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What Will I Learn from Certified Angular Front end Developer Training?

Through this angular training in Chennai, we cover everything from TypeScript to Angular Components, Directives, Pipes, forms, routing, RxJs, working with APIs, testing, and server deployment.

Advanced Angular Certification Training Modules

In this internship based Angular (AKA) Angular js training in Chennai, you will learn following below advanced Angular course modules.

Duration: 80 Hours
Advanced Angular Training Module Details: Hide Details
Module 1 Introduction of Angular Framework: 2 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 0 Hours
  • What is Angular?
  • History of Angular (AngularJs).
  • Understanding Angular Angular framework.
  • Importance of Angular For Frontend Development.
Module 2 Getting Started with Typescript: 8 Hours
Theory: 4.00 Hours | Practices: 4.00 Hours
  • TypeScript Overview.
  • Type Script Installation & Setup.
  • Overview Type System.
  • Type Annotations in Action.
  • Annotations With Functions and Objects.
  • Typed Arrays.
  • Tuples in Typescript
  • Interface.
  • Functionality with Classes.
  • Design Patterns.
  • The TypeScript Compiler.
Module 3 Angular Environment Setup : 5 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Prerequisites for Angular Setup.
  • Setting up the local environment and workspace.
  • Install the Angular CLI.
  • Create a workspace and initial application
  • Run the application
Module 4 Angular Components and Data Binding : 6 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Overview of Components
  • Component lifecycle
  • View Encapsulation
  • Component Interaction
  • Component Styles
  • Sharing data
  • Content Projection
  • Dynamic Components
  • Angular elements
  • Binding syntax
  • Types of data binding
  • Binding types and targets
Module 5 Angular Directives: 6 Hours
Theory: 4 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Overview of Angular Directives
  • Built-in directives
  • Attribute directives
  • Structural directives
  • Directive composition API
Module 6 Angular Pipes: 5 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Understanding Pipes
  • Built-in pipes
  • Pipes and precedence
  • Using a pipe in a template
  • The PipeTransform Interface
  • Chained pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes
Module 7 Forms : 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Introduction of Forms
  • Reactive forms
  • Strictly typed reactive forms in depth
  • Validate form input
  • Building dynamic forms
Module 8 Angular Template-driven Forms : 6 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Understanding ngForm
  • Build the form
  • Bind input controls to data properties
  • Form Status
  • Naming Control Elements
  • Track form states
  • Track control states
  • Submit the form with ngSubmit
  • Respond to form submission
Module 9 Angular Services and Dependency Injection: 8 Hours
Theory: 4 Hours | Practices: 4 Hours
  • Dependency injection in Angular
  • Understanding dependency injection
  • Creating an injectable service
  • Configuring dependency providers
  • Hierarchical injectors
Module 10 Angular Routing and Navigation : 5 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Overview of Routing & Navigation
  • Common Routing Tasks
  • Routes in a single-page application
  • Creating custom route matches
  • Add navigation with routing
Module 11 Angular Authentication & Authorization: 5 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Understanding Authentication
  • Understanding Authorization
  • HTTP Interceptors
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Guards in Routing
Module 12 Angular Animations: 5 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Introduction of Animations
  • Transition and Triggers
  • Complex Sequences
  • Reusable Animations
  • Route transition animations
Module 13 Testing and Application Deployment: 5 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Intro to Testing
  • Code coverage
  • Testing services
  • Basics of testing components
  • Component testing scenarios
  • Testing attribute directives
  • Testing pipes
  • Debugging tests
  • Deployment in Server

Tools and Frameworks to Cover This Angular Course

Courseinn's Angular js training course covers 15+ modern Angular front end development tools and frameworks.

Aaconda Editor
Jet Brain

Angular Capstone Projects

By the end of the angular (AKA) angular js course in Chennai, you will have solid skills in angular front end developement and be able to develop their own web applications.

Capstone Project 1 : User Authentication

In this Angular User Authentication capstone project, you will create a user authentication system using Angular Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Capstone Project 2 : Angular Custom Forms

In this Angular Custom Form capstone project, you will build a fully functional custom form as well as validate it using custom form validators.

Capstone Project 3 : Angular Responsive Design

In this Angular Responsive Design capstone project, Make your a responsive landing page using Angular BreakpointObserver Service.

Capstone Project 4 : Angular Custom File Upload

In this Angular File Upload capstone project, you will build a fully functional custom file upload component in Angular.

Who is this Angular Front end Development Training for?

  • Graduate Students
  • Non IT to IT Job Seekers
  • Working Professionals
  • Web Designer & Developers
  • Career Switchers
  • Who Want to Start Freelancing

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