Become a Certified UI Web Developer with Frontend Developer Course in Chennai

Courseinn frontend developer course in Chennai is a best-in-class UI developer course that covers all the major front-end development modules. This course will help you get the in-demand skills you need to build and create modern websites and applications.

What will you learn from this Course?

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flex with Bootstrap.
  • Advanced Javascript ECMAScript (CS6).
  • Microsoft TypeScript with Angular Framework.
  • Facebook React Front-end JavaScript library.
  • Maintain a Bitbucket Git repository.
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35+ Advanced Modules
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Advanced Front End UI Developer Course Overview

Front-end development is one of the expertise in areas of web development which has immense technology and this keeps growing. The front-end developer is an important resource of any web development team, working very closely with the back-end developers.

Courseinn front end development course in Chennai has been created by real-time working web developers who excel in the industry area. Approach confidently the courseinn academy to pursue the frontend developer course in Chennai.


  • Flexible Weekday & Weekend UI Development Batches.
  • 100% Internship Opportunity up to 6 Months.
  • 30+ Front End Development Tools Covered.
  • Learn from 10+ years Experience UI developers.
  • Hands-on 10+ Front End Development Live Project Experience.
  • No Restriction on training time and duration.
  • Frontend Development Career Guide and Interview Preparation
Front End Developer Course

Advanced Career Focused Front End Development Course Syllabus

Best-in-class front end (UI) developer course content developed by 10+ years working exprienced developer and industry leaders.

UI Development - HTML, CSS, BootStrap

Understand UI/UX website design fundamentals and how the website works. Start learning UI website development using HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Jquery with Flex and Bootstrap Framework.

5 Weeks
UI Web Module Details: Hide Details
  • Module 1Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Module 2HTML Essentials
  • Module 3Text Basics
  • Module 4Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5
  • Module 5Semantics & Organization
  • Module 6Forms
  • Module 7Tables
  • Module 8Iframes
  • Module 9CSS Essentials
  • Module 10Intermediate CSS
  • Module 11CSS Typography
  • Module 12Advanced CSS
  • Module 13CSS Backgrounds
  • Module 14How to use Web Icons
  • Module 15Responsive Web Design
  • Module 16Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap
  • Module 17CSS Components in Bootstrap
  • Module 18Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap
  • Module 19JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
  • Module 20Introduction to Javascript
  • Module 21Javascript Methods
  • Module 22Introduction to jQuery
  • Module 23The jQuery Animation/ Effects
  • Module 24jQuery DOM Manipulation
  • Module 25Jquery Widgets
  • Module 26jQuery Plugins
  • Module 27Developer Timeout!
  • Module 28PSD to HTML Conversion

Advanced JavaScript ES6

Understand the Advanced JavaScript ES6 concepts. Learn ECMAScript (ES6) from scratch. Get ready to build your web applications using javascript frameworks with ES6.

2 Weeks
JavaScript ES6 Module Details: View Details
  • Module 1JavaScript ES6
  • Module 2ES6 Arrow Function
  • Module 3ES6 Parameters
  • Module 4ES6 Template Literals
  • Module 5ES6 Spread Operator
  • Module 6ES6 Map
  • Module 7ES6 Set
  • Module 8ES6 Destructuring Assignment
  • Module 9ES6 Classes
  • Module 10ES6 Inheritance
  • Module 11ES6 for...of
  • Module 12ES6 Proxies
  • Module 13ES6 Asynchronous
  • Module 14ES6 Miscellaneous

Frontend Development Using React

Understand the structure of the react javascript framework. Learn advanced concepts of React. Start to build up the real-world dynamic user interface website.

2 Weeks
React Module Details: View Details
  • Module 1Introduction to the React World
  • Module 2React ES6
  • Module 3React Render HTML
  • Module 4React JSX
  • Module 5Components and Props
  • Module 6React State and Lifecycle
  • Module 7React Handling Events
  • Module 8React Conditional Rendering
  • Module 9React Lists and Keys
  • Module 10React Forms
  • Module 11React Lifting State Up
  • Module 12React Composition vs Inheritance
  • Module 13React JSX
  • Module 14Styling React Using CSS
  • Module 15Styling React Using Sass
  • Module 16React Web Components
  • Module 17React Hooks
  • Module 18Server Integration & Deployment

Frontend Development Using Angular

Understand the fundamental structure of TypeScript & Angular Framework. Learn to develop modern, complex, responsive, and scalable web applications with Angular.

2 Weeks
Angular Module Details: View Details
  • Module 1Introduction of Angular Framework
  • Module 2TypeScript Fundamental
  • Module 3Angular Fundamental
  • Module 4Angular Components and Data Binding
  • Module 5Angular Directives and Pipes
  • Module 6Angular Template-driven Forms
  • Module 7Angular Services and Dependency Injection
  • Module 8Angular Routing and Navigation
  • Module 9Angular Authentication & Authorization
  • Module 10Handling forms in Angular
  • Module 11Validating Angular Forms
  • Module 12Testing and Application Deployment
  • Module 13Angular Directives

Code Review + Deployment using Github

Get Complete GitHub Actions & Workflows Guides. Start to work on deployment & versioning using CI/CD Workflows. Create & Publish GitHub Actions to the Marketplace.

1 Weeks
Deployment using Github Module Details: View Details
  • Module 1Code Review Tools
  • Module 2Preparing the App for Production
  • Module 3Getting Started & Preparing with Heroku
  • Module 4Understanding Github
  • Module 5Adding the Code to a Git Repository
  • Module 6Deploying to Heroku
  • Module 7Viewing Logs
  • Module 7Setting Environment Variables
  • Module 7MongoDB in the Cloud

Front End Development Tools Covered

Courseinn Front end course covered 30+ cutting edge tool and languages.

Node js

Front End Development Live Projects & Case Studies

By the end of this UI development course, you'll be able to work on these projects.

Create Landing Page

Learners can create a single page website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with Bootstrap Framework during the classes.

Multi Page Website

Learners can develop a multi page responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with Flex during the practical classes

Mobile Website

Learners can create a mobile focused website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with Flex and Bootstrap during the Live classes

Admin Panel Framework

Students can build dynamic and interactive admin panel framework using typescript with angular 14 during the practical sesssions.

To-Do Application

Students can create web applications like to-do web apps using react javascript library or angular typescript library during the practical sesssions.

Weather Web App

Students can build weather web apps using third party backend API with React Library or Angular framework during the practical sesssions.

URL Shortener

Learners can develop a URL shortener single page web application using React Library or Angular framework during the practical sesssions.

Booking Website

Case Study: Understand how to developing booking website like YourBestHair using Angular 14 with NodeJs and MongoDB.

Who is this Course for?

  • Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Career Switchers
  • Working Professionals
  • Who want to Skill Upgrade
  • Website Owners

Fast-track Your Front End (UI) Development Career

Let your dream comes true with Courseinn. Step into your career by availing our industry expert’s career advice.

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Genuine Reviews For Couseinn Front End UI Developer Course in Chennai

Senthil Arasu 1 review
2 Weeks ago

I'm Senthil I have completed my front end development course in Courseinn academy. Mr.Bharani sir is our trainee for us, He is very helpful for us to gain technical knowledge.They providing Internship it is very helpful to improve our skills.Thanks for courseinn academy.

Puniya Salish
Puniya Salish 1 review
2 Months ago

I have completed web designing course at coursein academy. In which i gathered lot of knowledge in web designing. Moreover they are providing more practical sessions which was helpful in understanding each concepts.

Aarthi Jaisankar
Aarthi Jaisankar 1 review
6 Weeks ago

I studied Frontend development course at Courseinn Academy.....My trainer Mr.Bharani was very helpful in teaching all concepts with live examples . Overall it's a best place to learn Frontend development.

Syed Ahamed
Syed Ahamed 1 review
6 Months ago

I done web development course here. training was good. My trainer Mr. Senthil taught each and every concepts in a clear way with real use case. Thanks to Senthil sir and Courseinn.

Abirami Badhe
Abirami Badhe 1 review
8 Weeks ago

I had a wonderdul experience in courseinn academy learning front-end web development from Mr karthick, who was extremely skilled both as a teacher and as a developer. I'd most defenitely recommened this institution for learning any new course from scratch.

Raja Pandiyan
Raja Pandiyan 1 review
1 Month ago

I completed my Frontend developer course in Courseinn through online. While joining I thought online will not be good option, but I was wrong, they conducted live sessions with their developers is very helpful. Cleared all my doubts without hesitation which I didn’t expect.


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