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Courseinn Selenium Training in Chennai is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of Selenium Framework. We cover topics like Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and more.Our selenium course is designed to help you gain the skills and the confidence you need to start working with Selenium Automation.

What will you learn from this Course?

  • Fundamentals of Automation Testing.
  • Core Java Fundamentals for QA Engineers.
  • Complete Selenium WebDriver Structure and Setup.
  • TestNG Framework.
  • Cucumber Framework.
  • Page Object Model (POM) Framework & Petterns.
  • Real-time test cases with Capstone Projects.
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15+ Advanced Modules
10 + Capstone Projects
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Advanced Selenium Automation Testing Course Overview

Selenium Automation Testing Framework is becoming increasingly popular as a career choice. With its versatile and powerful automation capabilities, it's easy to see why. Selenium is an open source, cross-platform testing framework that can be used to test web applications and websites. Selenium is a great tool for anyone looking to start a career in automation testing. With the right skills and knowledge, you can set yourself up to become a selenium automation testing pro. Plus, you'll never be bored — Selenium is constantly being updated, so there are always new challenges to tackle.

Courseinn Selenium Automation Testing Course covers everything you need to know about using Selenium as a modern software testing tool - from basic concepts to advanced techniques. By taking the course, you'll be able to apply Selenium Automation Testing in your own projects, giving you the power to improve your workflow and productivity. So, if you're looking to extend your knowledge and hone your skills in testing, the Courseinn Selenium Training in Chennai is the perfect place to start.


  • Flexible Weekday and Weekend Selenium Batches.
  • 100% Guaranteed Internship up to 6 Months.
  • No Restriction on Training Time and Duration.
  • 15+ On-Demand Automation Testing Modules.
  • Learn from Experience Industry Practitioner.
  • 10+ Hands-on Capstone Testing Project Experience.
Software Testing Course

Advanced Job-Ready Selenium Automation Testing Syllabus

You will be armed with the know-how, the experience and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this fast-paced industry.

Module 1 Introduction to Automation Testing Engineering: 2 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 0 Hours
  • Understand What is Automation Testing?
  • How Test Automation Works?
  • Tools and Techniques for Test Automation
  • Advantages & Importance of Test Automation
  • Criteria for Automation Testing Process
  • And more...
Module 2 Get Started with Java Fundamentals: 2 Hours
Theory: 1 Hours | Practices: 1 Hours
  • Introduction to Core Java Programming
  • Variables and Access Modifiers
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop Statements
  • Array Structure
  • Exception and Error Handling
Module 3 Selenium Core Architecture and Setup : 3 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 1 Hours
  • Understanding the Selenium Components and Architecture
  • Setting up your Selenium WebDriver Environment
  • Understand Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Locators
  • Get Started with Webdriver Scripts
Module 4 Configuring Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium : 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • How to create new java project?
  • Introduction to base WD Methods -get, FindElement, close
  • Introduction to base WE Methods -sendKeys, clear, click
  • Introduction to base wait types and window maximize
  • Practice a testcase to write first script
Module 5 Advanced Java Object Oriented (OOPS) Concepts: 5 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Introduction to OOPS Concepts
  • Understanding the List, Set and Map
  • Java Collections
  • Detailed Learning of OOPS concepts
  • Undestanding Wrapper Methods
  • Content
Module 6 Selenium WebDriver Real-time Cases: 10 Hours
Theory: 6 Hours | Practices: 4 Hours
  • Get Started with Target Locators (Alert, Frame)
  • Window Switches with handles
  • Learn Keyboard and Mouse Actions Methods
  • Selenium Methods and Actions
Module 7 Data driven testing (Apache POI) :3 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 1 Hours
  • How to parameterize the data to the script using Excel?
  • Reading, writing data into excel
  • How to parameterize data into the script using Flat files?
Module 8 TestNG Framework : 8 Hours
Theory: 5 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Get started with TestNG
  • TestNg Annotations
  • TestNG Attributes
  • TestNG Data Providers
  • Parameters in XML
  • Groups
  • Listeners
  • and More...
Module 9 Page Object Model Framework (POM) & Patterns: 8 Hours
Theory: 5 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Fundamentals of POM Frameworks
  • Page Object Model Design Pattern
  • Implementation of testcases using POM framework
  • and More...
Module 10 Behavioural Driven Test Develpoment (Cucumber Framework) : 5 Hours
Theory: 4 Hours | Practices: 1 Hours
  • Introduction to BDD - Cucumber Framwork
  • Implement Hooks
  • Integrate Script with Cucumber Tools
  • And more...
Module 11 Database Interaction: 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Java Code to Connect to Database
  • Validating the Text with Database Values
  • And more...
Module 12 Test Automation Reports: 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • TestNG Reports
  • Cucumber Reports
Module 13 Source Control & Version Control Tools: 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Github
  • Git
Module 14 Build Automation Tool: 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Understanding the Maven Automation Tool
  • Get Implementing Testing with Maven
Module 15 Integration Tool: 3 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 1 Hours
  • Jenkins
  • Integration Selenium testcases with Jenkins
Module 16 Resume Preparation : 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Resume Preparation
  • Career Guidence
Module 17 Interview Guidance: 2 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours |
  • Guidance for Interview Questions
  • Guidance for How to Crack Interview

Software Testing Tools and Framework Covered

Courseinn Software Testing course covered 30+ cutting edge tool and languages.

Jira Software
Google Docs
Google Sheets

Selenium Hand-on Projects & Case Studies

Courseinn selenium automation testing course providing 10+ Hands-on capstone and case studies.

Weight Loss Tracker

In this capstone project, You will be executing automation testing for a weight loss tracking application using Selenium Tools.

Appointment Scheduling

In this capstone project, You will be executing testing for an appointment scheduling application using Selenium WebDriver with Java.

Subscription Website

In this capstone project, You will be executing testing for a service subscription website using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG Framework.

C2C Classifieds Platform

In this capstone project, You will be implementing selenium testing for a classifieds function using Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber Framework.

Booking Appication

In this project, You will implement a test case for a React and Node Js based booking engine mobile app using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Real Estate Listing

In this capstone project, You will create a test case for a Wordpressed based real estate listing website using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and POM.

On Demand Delivery

In this project, You will excuting a test case for a node based on demand delivery features using selenium automation frameworks like TestNG or Cucumber Framework.

LMS Web Application

In this project, You will create and excuting a test case for a PHP based Course listing website using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Who is this Selenium Certification Course for?

  • Graduate Students
  • IT Job Seekers
  • Career Switchers
  • Working Professionals
  • Fresher in IT Industry
  • Software & Product Managers

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