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Courseinn React training in Chennai will equip you with the right skills to kickstart your career in front-end development. We provide an interactive, learn-by-doing approach where you'll be able to use the React JavaScript library in the front-end. Stop waiting and start learning today! Register for our React course now to give a boost to your career!

Why Join Our React (React JS) Course:

  • Step by Step Learning Approach to Master the React Skills.
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Overview of Advanced React JS Training in Chennai

React is a powerful front-end JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces (UIs) based on components. React is fast, efficient, and easy to use with powerful and scalable features. It is maintained by Meta and community developers. React JS skills are in high demand in the tech industry. Wide range of career opportunities available for React developers in the web application industry.

Courseinn's React JS training in Chennai aims to provide participants with an easy understanding of the React library and its features, including JSX, Components, State, Props, and Routing. This React JS course is designed for individuals who have prior experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Courseinn’s React JS training is delivered by experienced trainers who have expertise in React and related technologies. Our React training includes practical sessions where participants can work on real-world projects to gain hands-on experience in React.


  • Learn from In-House React Js Developers.
  • Flexible React JS Batches & Timings.
  • Real-World Preparation for Jobs and Interviews.
  • Interactive Classroom and Online React Classes.
  • World Class React Course Modules with Live Assignments.
  • 100% Internship and Placement Assistance.
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What Will I Learn from Certified React JavaScript Training?

Through this ReactJS training in Chennai, build job-ready skills by learning from the best and most in-demand React course syllabus with live instructor-led training.

Advanced React JS Course Modules

Take your front-end development skills to the next level with our Advanced React JS Course Modules. Kickstart your journey to becoming a React developer!

Duration: 80 Hours
Advanced React JS Training Course Syllabus Details: Hide Details
Module 1 Introduction of React Javascript : 2 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 0 Hours
  • Overview of Front-End Development.
  • Basics of React.
  • History of React (ReactJs).
  • Understanding React Library & Component.
Module 2 Getting Started with Typescript: 8 Hours
Theory: 4.00 Hours | Practices: 4.00 Hours
  • TypeScript Overview.
  • Type Script Installation & Setup.
  • Overview Type System.
  • Type Annotations in Action.
  • Annotations With Functions and Objects.
  • Typed Arrays.
  • Tuples in Typescript
  • Interface.
  • Functionality with Classes.
  • Design Patterns.
  • The TypeScript Compiler.
  • Exercise.
Module 3 Setting Up the Development Environment : 4 Hours
Theory: 2 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Start a New React Project.
  • Add React to an Existing Project.
  • Editor Setup.
  • How to install React Developer Tools.
  • React Project Structure.
  • React Ecosystem.
  • Exercise.
Module 4 Building React Component : 12 Hours
Theory: 6 Hours | Practices: 6 Hours
  • Introduction to React Component.
  • Creating a ListGroup Component.
  • Writing Markup with JSX & TSX.
  • React Fragment.
  • React Rendering Lists.
  • React Conditional Rendering.
  • React Handling Events.
  • Exercise.
Module 5 Managing State: 6 Hours
Theory: 4 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Introduction to Managing State.
  • React Passing Data via Props.
  • React Passing Functions via Props.
  • React State vs Props.
  • React Passing Children.
  • React Inspecting Components.
  • Exercise.
Module 6 Styling React Components: 10 Hours
Theory: 5 Hours | Practices: 5 Hours
  • Introduction to Styling Component.
  • Vanilla CSS in React.
  • Using CSS Modules In React.
  • CSS-in-JS with React.
  • Separation of Concerns in React.
  • Inline Styles in React.
  • Popular UI Libraries in React.
  • Adding Icons in React.
  • Exercise.
Module 7 Managing React Component State : 10 Hours
Theory: 5 Hours | Practices: 5 Hours
  • Introduction to Component State.
  • Understanding the State Hook.
  • Choosing the State Structure.
  • Keeping Components Pure.
  • Understanding the Strict Mode.
  • Updating Objects.
  • Updating Nested Objects.
  • Updating Arrays.
  • Updating Array of Objects.
  • Simplifying Update Logic with Immer.
  • Sharing State between Components.
  • Exercise.
Module 8 Building Forms Using React : 6 Hours
Theory: 3 Hours | Practices: 3 Hours
  • Introduction to React Form.
  • Building a Form.
  • Handling Form Submission.
  • Accessing Input Fields.
  • Controlled Components.
  • Managing Forms with React Hook Form.
  • Applying Validation.
  • Schema based Validation.
  • Disabling the Submit Button.
  • Exercise.
Module 9 Connecting to the Backend: 8 Hours
Theory: 4 Hours | Practices: 4 Hours
  • Overview to Backend.
  • Understanding the Effect Hook.
  • Creating an injectable service
  • Effect Dependencies.
  • Effect Clean Up.
  • Fetching Data.
  • Understanding HTTP Requests.
  • Handling Errors.
  • Working with Async and Await.
  • Cancelling a Fetch Request.
  • Showing a Loading Indicator.
  • Creating, Updating, Deleting Data.
  • Extracting a Reusable API Client.
  • Extracting the User Service.
  • Creating a Generic HTTP Service.
  • Creating a Custom Data Fetching Hook.
  • Exercise.
Module 10 Version Control : 3 Hours
Theory: 1 Hours | Practices: 2 Hours
  • Software collaboration.
  • Command Line.
  • Working with Git.
  • Graded Assessment.
  • Exercise.
Module 11 React Course Capstone Projects: 20 Hours
Theory: 0 Hours | Practices: 20 Hours
  • Project 1: Todo Web App UI Conversion.
  • Project 2 : Course Listing Platform.
  • Project 3 : Calendar Booking System.
  • Project 4 : Admin Dashboard.

Developer Tools to Cover This React Certification Course

Courseinn’s React certification course will teach you and give you hands-on experience with the following React developer tools needed to become a React developer.

Aaconda Editor
Jet CSS 3
VS Code
Developer Tool

React Course Capstone Projects

By the end of the React JS course, you will be skilled in the React Java script front-end framework. With guidance, you can work on the capstone projects listed below.

Capstone Project 1 : Todo Web App UI Conversion

In this React Todo Web App capstone project, you will create a Todo Web App user interface using the React Java Script Library.

Capstone Project 2 : Course Listing Platform

In this capstone project, you will create a course listing platform using React in which the admin creates the course in the Admin Panel.

Capstone Project 3 : Calendar Booking System

In this capstone project, display a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view for users to see their availability and appointments.

Capstone Project 4 : Admin Dashboard

In this React Admin Dashboard capstone project, create an admin dashboard to manage appointments, users, and services.

Who is this React Front end Development Training for?

  • Graduate Students
  • Non IT to IT Job Seekers
  • Working Professionals
  • Web Designer & Developers
  • Career Switchers
  • Who Want to Start Freelancing

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